Medactiv iCool MediCube

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• Holds everything-all in one place
• For any temperature-sensitive medications (insulin, growth hormones, L-Thyroxin, polyarthritis medication)
• Keeps your medication between 36°F to 46°F (2°C and 8°C) for 36 hours
• For the transport of large quantities of medication over long distances and time

*Includes carrying strap

How It Works:

The iCool MediCube uses a plastic divider to separate 2 freezable gel packs.  The gel packs must be frozen for at least 14 hours prior to using to maximize the properties of the gel.  The gel packs will provide a cooling support to keep your medication at a temperature between 35°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C) for up to 36 hours.  The cavity size of the divider is 3in (width) x 8in (length) x 5in (depth).  


  1. Take both gel packs out of the bag.
  2. Place gel packs into freezer for at least 14 hours to maximizes the properties of the gel.
  3. After 14 hours or more, place gel packs back inside gel pack compartments.
  4. Place medication inside the bag.


• Insulin
• Growth hormones (Nutropin, Novotropine, Omnitrope, Genotonorm, Saizen)
• L-Thyroxin
• Medication for polyarthritis (Enbrel, Humira, Forsteo)
• Any pen or vial of medication that is sensitive to heat



Q: Will these bags keep my insulin cool in warm to hot climate?

A:  Yes. These bags are equipped with a special formulated gel pack and gel pouch to generate a cooling process inside the bags.  


Q: Other than insulin, what other medications can be use with these bags?

A: These bags were designed to keep all types of temperature sensitive medications cool.


Q: What differentiates your cooling bags from other cooling bags on the market?

A: Most cooling bags on the market today uses an ice pack that is made with water and anti-freeeze which usually stays frozen for up to 4 to 5 hours before it starts to defrost.  Once the defrosting starts, the inside of the bag will get wet from the heavy condensation of the ice pack.

With our gel pack, the special formulated gel polymer will stay frozen for up to 11 hours before it starts to defrost and therefore, providing a longer cooling support.  In addition, the gel pack is covered with a layer of PVC material that allows for very little condensation which keeps the bags nice and dry.


Q: Could I use these bags in cold or freezing climate?

A: Do not use these bags in cold or freezing temperature.  The gel pack and gel pouch were designed to create a cooling support and using these bags in cold or freezing temperature will potentially damage the medication.


Q: Why do I need to freeze the gel pack for 14 hours?

A: Freezing the gel pack for 14 hours will ensure it will maximize the cooling properties of the gel.



Vials of insulin, pens, and other temperature sensitive medications were taken out from the refrigerator.  The vials and pens as they are already cold, were inserted with a high-powered scientific thermometer probe.  The vials were then placed in the medicine cooling bag with the frozen gel packs and then temperature recording commerced for certain duration of time.  These temperature recordings were captured for vials and pens and not for the bag.