Timesulin for FlexTouch

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Timesulin for FlexPen.

Designed to make life with diabetes a little bit easier.

Timesulin automatically tracks the time since your last injection.

Replace your old cap with Timesulin and it will immediately start counting the seconds, starting at one second (00:01) and counting up to an hour. After an hour, the timer mode will switch from MM:SS to HH:MM.

If you wish to check how much insulin is left in your pen, remove Timesulin for less than 8 seconds and the timer will not reset.

Lifespan of a Timesulin is 12 months, the screen will start fading and then go blank. We will check up with you during your first months of Timesulin use to make sure you are satisfied (we have 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy) and also remind you when it’s time to replace your Timesulin unit.


Timesulin helps you to take control over your diabetes

Remembering if you took your insulin or not is arguably
one of the most important questions when living with insulin
dependant diabetes.

By using your Timesulin, you help reduce the chance
that you miss an injection or take a dangerous double
dose and thereby risk sever hypo/hyperglycaemia

93% of people living with diabetes have problems
remembering whether they have taken their dose or not.